online furniture stores in Indiaonline furniture stores in India

Most people are now using online shopping websites for buying everything they need. In the past, furniture was only available in offline stores. However, now there are many online furniture stores in India that you can try.

These online furniture stores are selling different types of furniture to their customers. The coronavirus outbreak is forcing people to follow social distancing guidelines. Thus, most people now prefer online stores over offline stores.

Most online stores are now providing no-contact delivery to their customers. This will ensure that you can get your furniture with minimal contact. In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 best online furniture stores in India.

1. Pepperfry

Pepperfry Buy Furniture Online India
Pepperfry Buy Furniture Online India

Pepperfry is the most famous online furniture store in India. Headquarter of Pepperfry is located in Mumbai city. They are providing various types of furniture to their customers.

The company was initially started in 2011 and is now selling furniture in all the famous Indian cities. They also own some offline stores in some famous cities. 

Pepperfry is also providing furniture rental services in Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. In this service, you can rent any furniture that you like.

Pepperfry will also allow you to customize your furniture according to your interior plan. You can also opt for an online consultation. Pepperfry experts will help you in finding the best furniture for your home.

2. Urban Ladder

This online furniture store was started in 2012 and it is headquartered in Bangalore. You will find more than 5000 unique designs on this site. Also, there are more than 35 categories available on this site.

Some of the categories are living, décor, study, bedroom, and dining. They are delivering furniture in more than 75 Indian cities. Also, they have 3 physical stores in Bangalore city. However, you should use their online portal for buying furniture. 

furniture arm chair decor
furniture arm chair decor

3. Wooden Street

If you are looking for stand-alone furniture pieces, then this store is perfect for you. You can find amazing queen-size beds, ottomans, and wardrobes on this site. They are also offering up to 75% off on their products.

Also, they are offering free installation to their customers. The wooden street has more than 20 physical stores in India. You should check the foyer furniture style on this site. These items will help you in adding character to your sweet home.

4. HomeShop18

Network18 Group is the owner of this furniture store. The company is headquartered in India and it was started in 2008. They are offering various different types of products to their customers.

You can find furniture tables, wardrobes, kitchen items, blanket, photo frames, and other products on this site. However, you can also find some amazing furniture pieces on this site.

You will mostly find lightweight pieces on this site that are perfect for living room furniture. Homeshop 18 is also offering various children furniture in their store. You can buy these pieces for your kid’s room.

5. Flipkart

Flipkart Buy Furniture Online India
Flipkart Buy Furniture Online India

Flipkart is the most famous eCommerce store in India. You will find almost every product on this site. Flipkart has recently started selling furniture on their site. You will find a stylish and trendiest range of furniture on this site.

Also, they are offering a good discount to their customers. You will find both wood finishes and metal furniture on this site. If you are looking for affordable furniture, then Flipkart is perfect for you.

6. Amazon 

Amazon is another very famous eCommerce store in India. They are also selling furniture on their website.

You will find bedroom furniture, hallway furniture, kid’s furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen furniture, living room furniture, home office furniture, storage furniture, seating furniture, and home bar furniture on this store. 

7. InLiving

You will mostly find wooden furniture in this store. InLiving will allow you to customize their designs according to your taste.

You will find many colorful pieces on this site that you can use in the hallway area. People that are interested in signature pieces should check this store.

8. Dreamzz Furniture 

You can order custom made furniture on this site at a very affordable rate. There are various readymade options available on this site. However, you can create your custom piece from scratch.

They will also help you in finding the best furniture piece for your home. You can send them your house pictures and their customer service team will suggest you the best furniture pieces for your house.

They are offering excellent delivery service to their customers. Thus, you can quickly give your house a new makeover.

9. Furnspace 

Furnspace has furniture pieces for every room in your house. You can also find outdoor furniture on this site. They are offering free shipping and installation to their customers.

Also, they have a simple return policy. This will ensure that you will have a stress-free experience. The range of furniture offered by Furnspace is amazing. You will find the perfect furniture for every room in your house.

10. Snapdeal

Snapdeal Buy Furniture Online India
Snapdeal Buy Furniture Online India

Snapdeal is a very famous eCommerce store and you can find every type of product on this site. This store is perfect for those people that are looking for small furniture pieces.

You will find a nice collection of shoe racks, rocking chairs, bookshelves, coffee tables, and corner tables on this store. These pieces are mostly made from engineered wood.

However, these pieces are very durable and you don’t need to worry about any durability issues. You should wait for offers and sales on this site. Snapdeal will offer a huge discount during their annual sales. Thus, you can buy your favorite pieces at a very affordable rate. 


Furniture has become an important part of everyone’s life. We are constantly looking for new furniture pieces. Online shopping has made this process very simple. You don’t need to worry about visiting any offline store during this coronavirus pandemic.

These online stores will make sure that you can get your favorite furniture piece without stepping out. These are the best online furniture stores in India.

You will get free home delivery and interior design consultation from these sites. This will ensure that you are buying the perfect furniture piece for your home. 

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