air conditioner problems and solutionsair conditioner problems and solutions

Every electrical appliance needs some care for delivering optimal performance. If your Air conditioner is not kept in good condition, then it will definitely struggle during the summers. We have compiled a list of common air conditioner problems and solutions in this article.

Also, we are going to share some solutions that you can use for dealing with these problems. Some of these air conditioner problems are really easy to fix but you might need to contact a technician for fixing some complex problems. 

10 Air Conditioner problems and solutions

1. AC is not turning on

If your AC is not turning on in summers, then it can be a very big concern for your family. However, this is a very common problem and you can easily solve this problem without contacting any technician.

First, you should check the batteries of your thermostat. If the batteries are not working, then you should replace them with new batteries.

air conditioner problems
air conditioner problems

Sometimes your batteries will be in working condition. In such cases, you should check if the cooling mode is on in your AC. Your circuit breaker can also trip during summer. If your circuit breaker is tripped, then you should reset it by flipping the switch. 

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2. AC is not blowing cold air 

If your AC is not blowing cold air, then most probably your air conditioner is not working. You should replace them with a new air conditioner. After that, you should check the settings of your thermostat. If it is already set to the coldest temperature, then it is time to buy a new thermostat. 

You should also check the area around your AC. Make sure that all your plants are at least 2 feet away from the AC. You should also check for refrigerant leaks in your AC.

If there is a refrigerant leak, then you should contact an AC expert who will replace the refrigerant. Sometimes leaks in your duct-work can also cause this problem. However, you should call a technician for testing this. 

3. Refrigerant Leak

If the coolant in your AC is leaking, then your room temperature will vary. Thus, your AC will not work properly due to refrigerant leaks. This leak can occur due to coil freezing, low efficiency, uneven cooling, and damaged compressor.

air conditioners
air conditioners

You should check your AC for refrigerant leaks. If your refrigerant is leaking, then you should replace it. 

4. AC is making noises

Your AC can produce different types of sounds that will ultimately depend on the problem. Some of the common sounds that your AC can produce are:

  • If your AC is producing a hissing sound, then your refrigerant is leaking.
  • If your AC is producing clicking sounds, then your AC is facing a relay problem.
  • If your AC is producing thumping or banging noises, then your AC blower is not working properly.
  • If your AC is producing screeching sound, then your compressor is not working properly. 
  • If your AC is producing buzzing sound, then its electrical components are malfunctioning.

5. Water leaking from the AC

Water can leak out from your AC during humid days. You should check your AC condensate line or PVC pipe to check if it is clogged. If it is clogged, then you should flush it by using compressed air.

However, if some part of your AC is frozen, then you should turn off your AC. The defrosting process will start after some time. If it is still not defrosting, then you should call a technician.

6. Electric Control Failure

If you are frequently turning on and off your AC, then your compressor can malfunction. Your AC compressor, blower motor, and condenser fan motor work together for making an electrical connection which will eventually start your AC.

air conditioner repair
air conditioner repair

Sometimes connection problems can prevent your fan motor from turning on. It is important to test your AC electrical connections for determining the issue.

7. AC Drainage Problem

Sometimes your AC drain pipeline can get choked due to dirt, algae, and dust. If water is not draining properly, then the fungus will develop in your AC. Thus, your AC will produce a bad odor. You can prevent this by making sure that your drain line is regularly cleaned and maintained. 

8. AC Coil is Frozen 

If your AC coil is frozen, then it will blow hot air. However, you can solve this problem without calling any technician. Sometimes your coil can get frozen because the temperature outside is very low.

You can melt the ice by turning off your AC and setting your fan to auto mode. Also, check your air filter for debris and dirt. If there is dirt in your air filter, then you should clean it.

Examine your ductwork for disconnections and make sure that all the registers are working properly. If your coil is still freezing, then your refrigerant line is damaged or refrigerant is leaking.

air conditioner types
air conditioner types

9. Sensor not working properly 

There is a thermostat sensor in your AC which helps in adjusting the room temperature. It will measure the temperature of your AC evaporating coil. After that, it will adjust the cooling according to your room temperature.

If your AC sensor is not working properly, then your air conditioner will randomly turn off and on. This sensor should be placed near your AC evaporator coil. Also, make sure that your sensor and evaporator are not in contact. 

10. Faulty capacitor

Sometimes your air conditioner fan won’t work due to faulty capacitors. Capacitors will start the motor of your AC. If your capacitor is not working properly, then your AC will produce a clicking sound. Capacitors are linked to your motor. You should try to fix this problem immediately otherwise you might need to change your AC motor.


These are all the common air conditioner problems and solutions as per our best knowledge. Air conditioner repairs can be very expensive. Thus, you should regularly check your AC for these problems. This will help you in quickly eliminating the problem. Hence, you don’t need to worry about contacting any technician for fixing your AC. These preventive measures will help you in avoiding huge repairs.

Please let us know if you are aware of any other air conditioner problems and solutions. We shall share them with our readers.

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