woman with washing machinewoman with washing machine

There are various things that can go wrong with your washing machine. From washing machine bouncing around to water leaking from your machine, washing machine problems can be very frustrating. These issues will become worse if you are not repairing them straight away. You can use this guide for solving most of the common washing machine problems and believe that you can self repair your washing machine.

Make sure to unplug your washing machine before working on it. Also, read our guide to common air conditioner problems and solutions so that you don’t need to spend money for repair.

Washing machine is bouncing around

Most washing machines will vibrate when they are operating. However, sometimes your machine vibration can increase. You might see that your washing machine is bouncing around. This is a very common problem and you don’t need to worry about it.

washing machine problems repair person
washing machine problems repair person

Your washing machine can bounce if it is kept on unlevel ground. Also, if your machine shock absorbers are disconnected then your machine will bounce. 

You should first try to re-level your machine. This problem can also occur due to an unbalanced load.

Stop your washing machine and check if there are more clothes on one side of the agitator. You should spread your clothes evenly for solving this problem.

Washing machine is noisy 

Most washing machines will generate a sound when they are operating. However, sometimes this noise can increase due to various reasons. The most common reason for this problem is that you have put some coins or debris in your clothes. These coins or debris can cause damage to your washing machine and should be removed immediately. 

The bearing of your machine will also degrade after some time. Thus, they will create more noise while rotation. You shouldn’t operate your washing machine if it has a faulty bearing. This problem can be solved by replacing the bearings or by lubricating them with oil or grease. 

Washing machine is not starting 

There can be many reasons for this issue. First, you should check your main power switch for any loose connections. Also, make sure that the fuse is working properly. People that have front load washing machines should check if their door lock is working properly.

woman sitting in front of washing machine
woman sitting in front of washing machine

In some rare cases, your machine PCB or the control module will stop working. If you don’t have experience of working with wires, then you should call a professional. It is very difficult to fix your machine PCB without getting any professional help. 

Slow Draining Problem

Sometimes your washing machine will start to drain slowly. If there is leftover water after one complete cycle, then your washing machine has a slow draining problem. However, this is a very simple problem and you can easily fix it.

First, you should check the filter of your washing machine. If there are any obstructions in your filter, then you should remove it. Also, you should regularly check your filter for dirt or grime. 

Washing machine is not spinning 

If your washing machine is not spinning, then this is a sign of some serious motor problems. However, sometimes this problem occurs due to a very small or big load. You should readjust your load and then try again.

Most washing machines will only spin at their ideal weight range. This helps them in avoiding many problems. However, if your washing machine is still not rotating then the motor is not working. You should contact a technician before buying a new motor.

Washing machine door is not opening 

Most washing machine doors are airtight. Thus, it is very difficult to open them if they are not working. However, you can easily solve this problem. If there is water in your machine, then you should start a new cycle. Your machine will automatically drain the water. 

Washing machines door won’t open if there is some water in your machine. Make sure that your filter and drain is working properly. If the water is not draining properly, then your machine door will get locked. 

washing machine problems repair yourself
washing machine problems repair yourself

Washing machine is not draining 

This is another very simple problem which you can solve without calling any technician. If your washing machine is not draining, then the drain hose is most probably blocked. You should disconnect your hose and then pour all the water. This can be very messy work but you can easily solve this infamous problem. Also, make sure that there is no blockage in filters. 

Washing machine is smelly 

Many people think that is not a serious issue but this can lead to corrosion in the future. Also, your clothes will also become smelly if you are washing them in your machine. This problem is mainly caused due to liquid detergents and cold washes. 

These two can be a very bad combination. If you are using them together, then they will generate many bacteria and grime. You can solve this problem by changing your washing habits. Make sure that you are doing hot washes. Also, you should perform the maintenance wash for fixing this problem. 

No water in the washing machine 

Most people think that this is a very serious problem. However, this problem is mostly linked with a blocked or kinked hose. All you need to do is make sure that your hose is not blocked. Also, make sure that it is not damaged. If your hose is damaged, then you should replace it with a new hose. 

Repair washing machine problems yourself
Repair washing machine problems yourself

Under-filling or Over-filling 

If your machine pressure switch is not working properly, then your machine will either under-fill or over-fill. The most common reason for this problem is a faulty switch. You should also check your pressure pipes for holes.

If you want to check the switch, then you should blow into it and check if you can hear clicks. You should also check if your hose is working properly. Sometimes you need to remove your chamber and wash it.

If there is a filter in your machine water intake pipe, then you should clean it. 

washing machine problems repair man
washing machine problems repair man


Washing machines is one of the most useful machines. You can use it for washing your clothes quickly. However, these machines can also suffer from some common problems.

We have mentioned all the common washing machine problems in this article and hope this guide will help you in solving most of them. You may refer to wiki guide of washing machines if you want to read complete history of washing machines.

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