how to plant flowers in homehow to plant flowers in home

Flowering plants will help you in making your garden colorful. If you have always dreamed about having an amazing garden, then this is the time to make it happen. You can buy the seeds of your favorite plant or you can directly pick up the transplants. After choosing your favorite plant, you need to follow some basic steps for creating your flower garden. Learn how to plant flowers in a right way.

You will find instructions on the tag of your plants or packet of seeds. These instructions will ensure that you are meeting your plant needs. Many people already have their own flower beds. They can directly place perennials or annuals for filling up some holes. You can also create a new flower bed and fill them with beautiful flowers that you like.

In this article, we are going to share some simple tips that will help you in growing your plants.

1. Plant Right Plant at Right Place

You need to first determine if your plants like shade, sun, or a combination of sun and shade. Arrange your plants in such a spot where they will get the right amount of light. If some of your plants like the sun, then you can arrange them in an open area.

Similarly, plants that need shade should be arranged in a place where they will get some cover. Full sun tag generally means that your plants need sunlight for more than 6 hours. Thus, these plants should be kept in open areas.

Part shade tag means that your plants need 4-6 hours of sunlight. The definition of shade will vary according to plants. For example, dappled shade plants need more light when compared to the deep shape plants. You need to figure out this before arranging your plants. 

2. Dig the soil

If you want to have a beautiful flower garden, then you should look for good soil. Flowering plants will do best if the soil is well-drained and loose. There should be enough organic material in your soil. This will ensure that your plants will get enough nutrients from the soil.

dig soil to plant flowers at home
dig soil to plant flowers at home

Most people dig a large area for planting their flowers. However, this is not necessary. You need to only make sure that you can add compost in your soil. This will help you in improving the soil structure in the future. You can work your soil up to a depth of 6 inches. 

You shouldn’t dig if your soil is wet. Digging wet soil can lead to compaction. Plants need a small space between the soil particles. This will help their roots in growing more.

You can do a simple test for determining the quality of your soil. First, you need to take a small sample of soil. You can dig a 3-inch hole in your soil. After that, you need to squeeze this sample into a small ball. You need to toss this soil ball on a hard surface like pavement or rock.

If the soil is sticking together, then it is too wet. You can’t do planting if the soil stays together during this process. However, if your soil ball shatters, then it is the perfect time to do some planting. 

3. Plant new flower plants 

If you are planting flower seeds, then instruction will vary according to your plant. You should follow the directions that are written on the seed packet. These instructions will contain vital information like how deep to plant seeds.

beautiful cherry tree
beautiful cherry tree

If you have a potted garden plant, then you need to plant it at the same level as the soil level in your pot. However, make sure to read the plant tag once before planting.

There are some plants like peonies and irises that want to be planted very shallowly. Make sure to gently tease some soil before removing the flowering plant from your pot.

After that, you can place your flower plant into the hole. You need to gently push the soil inside the hole. Make sure that you are doing this process gently for avoiding compact. 

4. Water deeply 

You need to regularly water your flower plants. This is the most basic thing but most people mess up this part. If you want your flowers to perform well, then you should give them 1-2 inches of moisture every week.

marigold water flower plants
marigold water flower plants

Most plants can receive this water from rain. However, you need to water your plants if they are not receiving enough rain. You should water your water deeply instead of doing it shallowly and frequently. This will help your plants in growing a deeper root.

Also, make sure that your soil is not waterlogged. Your plant’s root will eventually rot if the root is waterlogged. You can use a layer of mulch for decreasing the water needs of your plants.

Shredded bark will help you in slowing down the evaporation process. Thus, your flower plants will need less water.

For more information on watering the plants, read our detailed guide on how to water Orchids.

5. Groom your flowers

Your flowering plants will start to bloom after some time. If you want to make a beautiful bouquet, then you can cut your flowers. Also, make sure to remove all the flower heads. This will encourage your plant to put more energy into winter survival.

beautiful roses in a basket
beautiful roses in a basket

Many flowers like dahlias and zinnias will bloom again even after you have removed the blooms. You can clip your plants for giving them a cleaner look. Flower plants like daylilies will get various benefits if you are removing the old leaves. 


Flowering plants will help you in increasing the beauty of your garden. The act of planting is very important as it will determine the lifespan of your plant. If you are regularly taking care of your plants, then they will grow more.

This guide will help you to plant flowers in your garden and make your home look like heaven. Thus, you can work on creating a colorful garden. Some of the steps will vary according to your flower plant.

You should read the instructions tag before planting your plant seeds. This will ensure that you know about the requirements of your plant. 

If you are interested in doing more research on flower plants, you can read the health benefits & research about flowers.

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