E Commerce Trends for Fashion and Cosmetics E Commerce Sites 2E Commerce Trends for Fashion and Cosmetics E Commerce Sites 2

Any e-commerce fashion brand that wants to be on top should look to the future. What is going to change in the next 3 years? Fashion brands can use their bottom line, what new technologies to increase their KPIs and expand their range?

Take a look at the crystal ball and it will help you stay ahead of the pack. It can give access to your business and must be implemented to grow and expand.

Today, we are going to take a look at the upcoming trends that are damaging the fashion space in the coming years. I will show you some new techniques and business models that you should look out for. Also, you will see how everyone can change the e-commerce fashion industry.

Design + Branding

In early 2018, website and brand design will be mostly a cut-and-paste formula. Whether you are shopping for shoes, shirts or watches, every site you visit is saturated with containers, lit with white-on-color, scroll-down menus with a ton-negative color and plastered with futuristic (ace) typography. The Minimalist Design Movement has created formula design processes that run every business.

Of course, minimalist design is a very good thing – removing unnecessary UI elements, reducing confusion, simplifying navigation, etc. However, in the process of removing the confusion, businesses are removing who they are.

Fortunately, this trend is changing rapidly.

makeup buy online
makeup buy online

As branding becomes an important differentiation for the fashion brand, web design is earning its place as the right place to express personality. Sure, minimalist design is still king, but brands are finding ways to maximize that flaw.

Branding is about creating a positive engagement in the minds of your customers. Your site is the perfect place to capture the spirit of design.

  • Did you know that the colors you display on your website can enhance your brand identity by 80%?
  • Or, consistent visual brand representation will increase your revenue by 23%.

Fashion is synonymous with aesthetics and e-commerce fashion brands are beginning to realize that their design elements play a big role in the way their brand is perceived.

Fortunately, these changes have already begun. But, we hope that the department of ERA-2016 will move away from a more mature, more specifically representative design process in the next few years.

Social shopping

It is no secret that social media has a far-reaching impact on e-commerce. For fashion brands, taking advantage of influential people and showcasing great photo and video creatives on social media has become the norm and we are ready to bet that most of your KPIs are related to social media campaigns.

purchase fashion clothes online
purchase fashion clothes online

Using social media as a branding element is one thing, but using social media as a shopping platform is a completely different ballgame – ballgame, for which the time to start practicing is approaching.

  • Earlier this year, Instagram dropped its shopping feature.
  • Meanwhile, 25% of all e-commerce brands are already influencing Facebook to sell products.
  • Snapchat’s new VR features are bringing themselves to the fashion brand as an important player. Gap has already created its changing room app, which gives shoppers the opportunity to check out pre-purchased fits.
  • Similarly, Sephora is using VR technology to show off makeup options.
  • And, of course, Pinterest still plays a major role in e-commerce sales – yet some big brands are experiencing negative experiences with their new affordable sins.

In fact, it introduces friction in the market. Which social media platforms should you focus on?

Which platform takes the social shopping crown? Anyone know! We know that in the spirit of this competition fashion brands are promoting some exciting technology (such as AR) that dominates sales.

Machine learning and cloud

AI, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Digital Neural Networks – these in-depth learning technologies are already disrupting industries around the world. But e-commerce is going through the biggest growth of all.

Without much granularity, the ability of a cloud to store data with the ability to store large amounts of data along with in-depth learning is going to create cornucopia with respect to data.

Draw a picture

Jenny talking to her friend on her iPhone X4. Suddenly, she steps into a puddle and finds her shoes dirty. His phone warns that one of his favorite pair of shoes (using browsing history and purchase patterns) is for sale. Boom! Shoes sold.

The future of data is huge for ecommerce brands, ecommerce merchant services, from geolocation data to beacon data.

Also IoT devices are not considered. IoT can target advanced algorithms for hyper-granular data points (in trillions) at the right time and place and deliver them to the nearest shopping channel. In fact, 4 out of every 10 purchases have already been made using only online channels, so the nearest purchase will definitely be a digital destination.

fashion and cosmetics online shopping
fashion and cosmetics online shopping


It is a misnomer to say that chatbots are going to be popular in the future – they are popular today.

  • By 2020 85% of customer interactions will not involve humans (1 year from now!), We can only see a clear picture of how important chatbot is.
  • 60% of customers already like to chat with chatbots. They are readily available, readily available, and always on the clock.
  • 100,000 chatbots respond to 2 billion messages per month on Facebook Messenger

The future of chatbots is already here. We do not expect this trend to ever begin. In later years, chatbots became more sophisticated and could help humans navigate. More companies will start using them and you need to make sure you are one of them.


The future of e-commerce is bound up with technology-design and online payments both of which are already an integral part of e-commerce DNA. Staying up to date with current industry trends can help keep your business in line.

Do not let your competitors stay away from you. Stay connected, give information and stay busy. The future is not far off.

We have an amazing team of strategists and designers who are ready, capable and ready to showcase their fashion accessories using the newest and greatest design models and lightning fast e-commerce technology.

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