Piso Wifi Pause Features and DetailsPiso Wifi Pause Features and Details

One of the most well-liked Wi-Fi options in the Philippines is Piso Wi-Fi. You must first buy a membership and then correctly access Wi-Fi in order to utilise it. Many folks who need a web connection but can’t afford the right bundle do so for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we have provided you with a guide on how to Piso Wifi Pause Time quickly and easily in 5 minutes.

Within a piso wifi pause, the pause functionality allows the network administrator or owner to temporarily disable internet access for all or specific users. This feature offers flexibility and control over the network, enabling administrators to manage internet availability based on specific criteria.

What Is IP Address is the private or local IP address. The networked machines will utilise your router’s address,, to transmit data requests over the internet. This address is also referred to as LAN IP, intranet IP, and private network IP. You can find a public IP address on your router. The public IP address is used by your ISP and any website you visit to send data to your router, which then delivers that data back to your desktop using the private IP address. is one of the more popular IPs that routers use as logins. It should be noted that the router brand determines the default IP access address, and users are often allowed to modify the default address.

What Is The 10.0 0.1 Username and Password?

After opening the browser, enter in the URL bar or You’ll be asked for your username, “admin,” and password, “admin,” when you log in.

Piso Wifi Pause Time App Download

The best way is to manually pause Piso WiFi even if there are numerous apps for this purpose on Google Play. By not requiring any additional space on your phone, the manual technique protects you from malware and data collecting.

Login Process of The Lpb Piso Wifi Pause Time 

By entering the default login and password at, you can access the router’s settings. It’s not difficult to log in, and you only need to be connected to the router to access the settings. For a rapid login to, go to this guide.

Launch the web browser of your choice.

Enter or in the address bar. Do not enter because there is no such IP address.

You’ll see the manufacturer’s login page for your router. Enter the standard username and password.

Pro tip: The username and password for this account are different from those for your WiFi network. The default, if you haven’t already modified it, is:

Login name: admin

Password: Password (If the login information wasn’t successful, try one of the default router passwords on our list.)

If the username and password you entered are accurate, you will be logged into your router’s admin panel.

Note: It is advised to change your default password for security reasons if you are logging into your router’s settings page for the first time. If you leave your wireless network open, others may be able to access it and obtain sensitive data, like your passwords and credit card details.

Use a strong password that is at least 8 characters long, contains both upper- and lowercase numerical numbers, as well as a special character such! @ # $?. piso wifi pause Time Machine

A Piso wifi pause Time Machine, which users can hire to give others internet access, enables the Piso wifi pause service. Because of its innovative approach to an internet connection, which offers a practical and affordable choice for people who might not be able to purchase conventional internet services, the Piso wifi stop time Machine has quickly acquired popularity.

How Can I Configure the Piso Wifi Pause Time?

The services of the internet are accessible to everyone who logs in. As a result, the user must connect it to the Piso wifi hotspot. The user must scan the piso wifi lpb’s QR code in order to accomplish this.

On this Internet utility box, there is a QR code for Piso wifi, and next to it, there is a QR code for Google. This process is essential since a QR code scanner makes it simple to access the internet.

Characteristics of the Piso Wifi Pause Time

Piso WiFi distinguishes itself from rival providers with the following features:

  • The entire daily allotment for internet use under Piso’s wifi-free plan is 15 minutes. 
  • Additionally, you can connect more than four devices to one account.
  • The processes for canceling and registering are both rather straightforward. By providing their mobile number, anyone in the Philippines who is utilizing a roaming service can access this internet service.
  • It offers a high-speed internet connection, so in addition to the free plan, you may access parts of the subscription plan as well.
  • Using their subscription plan services, you can connect more than 9 devices from one account.

 Need Of Piso Wifi Pause Time (Benefits)

The following features differentiate Piso WiFi from rival providers. Using Piso WiFi has several advantages, such as:

The Piso offers inexpensive service in comparison to other providers, and using the wifi is quite simple. Customers from other nations can still use Piso’s services because the company’s success has allowed it to offer services outside of the Philippines.

Several key considerations for using Piso WiFi include:

If you lack the requisite knowledge, you cannot utilise all of Piso Wifi’s functions. To make the most of Piso Wifi, read these important instructions.

  • You must always input the code to access the Piso WiFi.
  • It is possible to decrease the internet’s bandwidth for a short period of time by utilising the IP address and the Piso wifi stop duration. 
  • Customers are encouraged to use the internet by this feature even if they opt not to.

How to Reset Piso Wifi Router?

Follow these guidelines to restart the Piso wifi:

  • The reset button, which is on the back of the router, must be pressed. With a paper clip, secure it.
  • Press and hold the reset button to turn it off for 30 seconds. Release the button after for the router to restart.

How to change the Piso wifi network password? 

Use these strategies:

  • Make sure your wifi is turned on so you can visit the webpage.
  • A login window will open once you enter your username and password.
  • From the menu on the left, select “Gateway,” “Connection,” and then “Wi-Fi.”
  • Go to the private Wi-Fi network section to view the name of your wireless network.
  •  When your wifi network name is highlighted, select the edit option that is shown.
  • By selecting Create a password, the network password section will appear.
  • You should enter and save a new password.

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