5 Ways to Find Cheap Hotels in Singapore

5 Ways to Find Cheap Hotels in Singapore

Finding cheap hotels in Singapore doesn’t seem too difficult if you know some of the best things you can do. Although Singapore is famous for its very high prices compared to Indonesia, you can get cheap hotels in Singapore.

There are some tips that you can do to find cheap hotels in Singapore and get a hotel that is in a very strategic location. Let’s just look at the interesting tips that will be useful for you when backpacking to Singapore.

The Right Way To Get Cheap Hotels In Singapore

Booking during low season

One of the things you should know when you want to get a cheap hotel in Singapore is to make a booking during the low season. The best time to get cheap hotels in Singapore is when people are not on vacation. You can take advantage of that by taking holidays earlier to get a lower price with a lower budget.

Don’t ever feel sorry for spending your vacation quota to get a cheap hotel in Singapore. The biggest cost when you travel apart from food is accommodation.

Looking for a business hotel

Have you ever tried to find a business hotel in the middle of the city? This type of hotel is usually quiet on weekends because it is far from several tourist attractions but close to the business center.

You can get around the distance problem by using transportation such as buses or MRT. Some business hotels usually get promo or discount facilities on weekends because generally, hotels in the middle of the city are relatively quieter than on weekdays. So, there’s nothing wrong if you have the right time to look for a cheap hotel on weekdays, choose a business hotel in the middle of the city.

Look for hotels located on the outskirts of the city

If you are one of the types who don’t like crowds, maybe this one way you can work on is by looking for cheap hotels in Singapore which are located on the outskirts of the city. Some locations are located on the city’s outskirts, for example, around Changi Airport, in the Lavender area, in the Little India area, and in the Chinatown area.

Suburban areas usually offer hotels at more affordable prices but still have complete facilities and are even very close to several tourist attractions and shopping places.

Use the filtering feature

If you use a hotel booking application like Traveloka, you can take advantage of the filtering feature or filtering based on the price you want. With this feature, you can find a hotel that fits the budget you want and does not depend on the time and place and the hotel’s discounts.

However, you should also be more careful with the location you get so that it is not too far from some of the destinations you will visit, especially if you already have plans during your vacation in Singapore.

Use promos from Traveloka

To be more efficient, even though it’s not in the holiday season, you can still get cheap hotels in Singapore by using promos provided by Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp.

The method is relatively easy. Before booking a hotel, you can monitor social media, applications, or the official Traveloka website. Traveloka provides many promotions for those of you who are saving your budget but still want to enjoy a vacation or staycation in Singapore. Guaranteed, the promo will save you a lot!

Those are some things you can get from a cheap hotel when going to Singapore. Hopefully, the tips above can help make your vacation even more exciting!