Picture this: it’s 7am on a Saturday, your toddler has woken up early on the day you’d really rather sleep in, they’ve made their way into your room and are all ready to start their day with you! Sounds about average for any mother, right? The good news here is you now have the entire day ahead of you to enjoy with your munchkin, the bad news…you now have the entire day to try and entertain your little munchkin. If you don’t plan ahead, this can seem like a real challenge, but since you’re here reading this post, there’s a chance you’re among the few who are preparing for this event ahead of time! Either that, or it’s Saturday morning at 10am and you need some guidance, either way, you’ve got options!

Check out a local zoo

Toddlers absolutely adore visiting zoos. All of those animals, most of which are quadruple their size if not more, staring back at them, what a thrill! They get to see these creatures in a natural-ish habitat and see creature that to them are unique, aversive, and incredible all at the same time.

Most people can kill a solid 2 hours at a zoo, so at the very least it’s something to do in the morning hours to tire your munchkin out before their (and your) afternoon nap!

Take them to a local bakery

Although this option may lead to a trip to the dentist office, this is just as much of a treat for you as it is for them. Do a smidge of research and find a local bakery that offers desserts for adults and for kids, there’s plenty of them! Your kiddo will appreciate the one-on-one time with you, and they will be ecstatic over receiving a special treat simply for waking up that day! Don’t worry, your dentist will absolutely understand the impromptu trip!

Visit a friend

If you have the option, take a spontaneous mini-trip, and go visit a friend who doesn’t mind your toddler tagging along! If they’re a good friend, they’ll be thrilled to see you and your little ball of energy together. Your kiddo will get to experience a new environment, see a new face (at that age, every face is essentially a new face), and have an exciting, hug-fille day with you and your friend of choice!

Go on a hike

If you’re up for a little physical activity, consider taking your kiddo on a local hike. I don’t mean go hike the Appalachian trail but find a nice path – perhaps along a river, a paved walkway through the woods, etc. – and go for a morning stroll! Kiddos love the outdoors because there is so much to look at, to listen to, to touch if you allow it. They are always so fascinated by the outdoors, maybe they’ll even see some (harmless) wild animals along the way!

Toddlers are essentially mini humans. They have just as much (if not more) energy, the same level of sass, and all of the silliness that adult humans have. They need to be entertained on days where they don’t have day care a babysitter or something along those lines. Sometimes you can get away with a few hours of screen-time, but most days, you need to have some plans! Goodluck and have fun with your munchkin!

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