Lake Macquarie Gyms with Fun Training Options That Will Make You Fall in Love With Your Workout

Sticking with a training regime can be difficult, and most of us fall into the age-old habit of doing the same type of activity day in and day out. These could include our morning run, daily swim, or walking with friends around the neighbourhood. While these activities are healthy and worth pursuing to improve our health and general well-being, they can often make us complacent and casual about where our fitness level needs to be.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. At Adam Prowse Personal Training in Lake Macquarie, we have designed our programme to give members various training options to keep their motivation high and the payoffs even higher!

Individual Training

When you train with Adam Prowse, you can access the gym floor and all available equipment. If you are new to the gym, our personal trainers Lake Macquarie can walk you through the equipment and design a personalised workout plan for you that can be in collaboration with private and group training sessions. Our programmes take advantage of various strength and aerobic equipment to exercise your different muscle groups and at the same time, ensure that your programme is diverse.

The benefit of this workout style is the ability to change your routine as you feel necessary, incorporating different strategies to make you progress towards your target.

Personal Training

Personal training is one of our most popular options for individuals looking to improve their fitness goals. Engaging in this style of training yields positive results and encourages individuals as it is specifically tailored towards improving your current fitness level, health, and goals. If you want to increase your strength, our instructors will provide a range of options to support you and help you map out a plan in consultation with you.

Group Training Sessions

One of the most effective ways to boost motivation and keep your training fresh is through participation in group classes. At Adam Prowse, we offer a range of group training sessions throughout the week, including boxing sessions, metabolic exercises, Tabata sessions, cardiovascular workouts, stretching sessions, lower body toning, weight training, and abdominal exercises.

We have carefully curated various workout classes that allow members to explore new ways to move towards their fitness goals, challenge them, and make working out fun. The trainers leading these classes value creating an enjoyable and exciting atmosphere where the focus moves towards being a part of the group while also promoting personal growth.


Tabata is our high-intensity interval training that will build endurance and target several muscle groups by including a series of exercises. Tabata runs for approximately four minutes, where the individual will engage in training for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat them until the routine is complete. This class can include a number of different activities for different timeframes.


Boxing is more than just about upper body strength —it is a full-body workout. This class is predominantly run in the gym’s open area and includes various conditioning and partner drills. Boxing is one of the most popular classes run at the gym because members have the opportunity to work together as a team, get their blood pumping, and have fun.

Metabolic Exercises

One of the most significant advantages of our metabolic classes is that members are offered activity stations highlighting strength and cardio. Offering a series of different experiences breaks up repetition and is a fun way to try out exercises that you may have otherwise not included in your daily routine.

For more information on the group classes we offer, please visit our website.

Making Training Fun

Reaching your goals and hitting those personal targets is achieved at different intervals in your fitness journey, which is why the road to those achievements should be fun. It is more than the equipment or the classes—it is the community and the atmosphere that create a fun and engaging environment. Our team knows the importance and value of the accountability, motivation, and friendship that a gym atmosphere provides. It encourages us to feel a part of something bigger and often facilitates significant growth in consistency and progress.

The fun in training comes from the music playing in the background as you lift weights and gain joy for hitting those milestones. The ability to workout indoors and outdoors and the flexible hours are added bonuses. It is the culmination of little positive efforts that Adam Prowse provokes to give you the best gym experience possible.

Adam Prowse Lake Macquarie Gym is one of the leading gyms in the area and is home to highly qualified trainers and a range of equipment and workout options. We are well known for being a reputable and reliable business, which is why our rapidly growing network of clients continues to choose us for their fitness needs every time. 

If you are looking to reignite your love of training or are seeking for a fun and engaging atmosphere to reach your fitness goals, consider Adam Prowse. To start your journey with us today, visit our Lake Macquarie location or call us on 1300 002 778.