How to style a throw

How to style a throw

Just bought the perfect throw and can’t pick the right way to style it? Well that’s probably because there is no right or wrong when it comes to styling a throw. As one of the most versatile home decor accessories there is, a throw can be styled in a number of ways and easily enhance the look of absolutely any space that it’s added to. Since there’s so many ways, we’re sharing a few of our favourite ways to style a throw.


One of the most obvious ways to style a throw would be to drape it across your accent furniture.Whether you choose to drape it on the back or even across the couch you have been looking to spruce up or the vintage chair whose arm needs a little covering to complete the look of your space, the art of draping never gets old and is great for a quick refresh. A

throw strewn across a couch is a great way to display its pattern while it casually blends in with the rest of your decor.


A throw is a great way to complete the look of any bed ensemble. Simply tucking one of the corners of the throw into your duvet and letting the rest fall across the bed or folding the throw lengthwise and laying it or layering it on top of the rest of your bedding is also a great way to style a throw in a bedroom.


Add a cosy throw on the floor to sit on and create a tiny little spot for a picnic from home. Adding a throw to your setup will not only keep you warm but also help you achieve one of those pinterest worthy setups that are perfect from your next instagram picture.


A rustic looking ladder is great for styling a throw and looks effortlessly chic in any setting. A ladder is perfect to display the entire length of the throw and can be a lovely addition as a decor piece to your space while hiding the more worn parts of the ladder.


A solid or plaid throw looks great even if it’s neatly folded and placed on the arm of your sofa or armchair. You don’t always have to lay it out for it to look like it belongs to the setup. A folded throw is minimal and adds just as much charm to any space that it’s placed in.


Maybe a little unusual but a throw can also be used as a table runner. It adds a fun element to your table setting and is the perfect accessory to soften the look of a wooden table visually.


A lazy person’s guide to styling a throw would be to place it in a basket and let one of the ends fall outside of it casually. Not only does it look chic, but also takes absolutely no time to style and looks fantastic every single time you do it.