Stylish Accessories That Can Be Powerful – The Four Hat Styles Which Every Man Must Have

Stylish Accessories That Can Be Powerful – The Four Hat Styles Which Every Man Must Have

During the earlier days, wearing a hat got considered to be a social mandate for men. Also, sporting a hat had a practical purpose, because most travels took place through the horseback or foot. And that made people expose to the elements even longer than what one witnesses now. Things have changed today. And despite the fact, that people usually don’t wear a hat as frequently as the earlier times, the hat styles that were popular long back are still well-known today.

It’s a known fact that there is no obligation for men to wear a hat every time today. However, when they wear a hat, for instance, a wide brim hat or any other type, it adds an element of fashion to them. An eye-catching hat always adds style and class to the overall attire. Do you want to make a stylish entry at any casual get together or wish to look sober and stunning for yourself? If yes, then discussed below are some of the best men’s hat styles that you must add to your wardrobe.

1. The baseball cap

Whether you have a dad cap, trucker hat, or a snapback, there are chances that you should make it a point to own a baseball cap if you have your collection of hats. This cap comes with ample practicality because it can effectively keep the sun away from your face. That aside, this cap is a great fashion tool that you must possess in the arsenal. Many men sport a baseball cap with their casual attires. However, it works for several style options. If you want, you can combine it with streetwear and athleisure wear.

2. The straw hat

Your baseball cap acts just fine when it has to ward off the sun from your face. However, you might have to go out on a bright and sunny day. Here you might want to sport a hat that helps to keep you a bit cooler. Here, the straw hat acts as an indispensable hat that every man must have. Are you wondering about the options that are available in straw hats for men? If yes, you can choose from the following:

  • Safari
  • Porkpie
  • Trilby
  • Boater
  • Cowboy

The straw hat provides great breathability and it prevents the heat from getting trapped against the head. Similarly, the brim enables you to keep your eyes secured from the harsh rays of the sun. It makes it the best hat if you are someone who stays outdoors mostly.

3. Fedora

The straw hats and baseball hats are great hat styles to sport. However, it’s perfect for casual occasions. Are you searching for a hat style which you can sport with a tie and suit? If yes, you might want to give way to the hidden Frank Sinatra within and opt-in for a good-looking Fedora. You should know that the Fedora is very different from the trilby, which comes with a short-brim. It’s essential to concentrate on heavy fabrics such as felt and wool instead of straw when you are heading to a formal occasion.

4. Flat caps

If you wish to sport a look inspired by the vintage style and don’t want to count on a trilby, the flat cap is a great way to sport something smart and unique. Usually, the flat cap is a great choice for men during the winter months, because it keeps the heat intact close to the head and also protects you from the sun in casual scenarios. Furthermore, it works very well in formal situations.

Making the correct selection

Now that you are aware of the best hat styles for men, it is essential that you make the correct selection. For this, first you need to choose the best hat maker online. You can start by conducting research online and list all the leading hat makers that showcase the hat styles that attract you. That aside, you can also browse through the websites of hat makers that specialize in hats of specific styles, such as fedora hats or cowboy hats. That way you can look for a specific style. Make sure to read the customer reviews and testimonials to enable you to make an informed decision.

That aside, you can also check out some of the hat resources that are available online. You can read about how to style your hat and other similar resources. It will enable you to get a sense of how things work and adapt to your hat accordingly. However, starting out simple with your hat-wearing styles is highly important. Once you get comfortable you can experiment with other styles. Choose a hat style that complements your face shape and physique. That aside, make sure that you are confident when you are wearing the hat.