Best and highly rated dinosaur toys for kids of all ages

Kids young and old are sure to have a roaring good time with dinosaur toys at the ready. Like dolls, dinosaurs are figurines that provide children with tools to create their own world and play pretend, says Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist at Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services in New York City. Dinosaurs are a hallmark of childhood for most of us. Whether you couldn’t get enough of the Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, or Triceratops, you probably had a favorite dinosaur yourself.

These interactive toys for tots 2022 can be used to play a plethora of games that will keep them entertained for hours upon hours, and, best of all, they can be used in a new way each and every time kids engage in the imaginative play time. These toys also come in a variety of sizes, some of which are even battery-powered, so the creature can let out those familiar growls. Here, the best dinosaur toys for the curious kid in your life.

1. Ultimate Dino Sand

Like a mesmerizing tiny stage for your dinosaur-obsessed child, this kit comes with moldable sand, 6 small plastic dinosaurs, and 6 dino-shaped sand molds, plus a real dinosaur poop fossil. Molding and scrunching the sand is a quiet tactile delight, and the toy’s packaging converts into a Mesozoic Era backdrop for your child to enact imaginary scenarios. Sand sounds like a nightmare for indoor play, but parents are delighted to find this kit surprisingly non-messy.

2. Rex Interactive Dinosaur

This one out of all Dinosaur toys for boys is fun for kids who love a T. Rex, who’ll adore this dino’s big sharp teeth and interactive features, like the loud growl it lets out when you pet it on the head. Move the dino’s tail and he’ll open his mouth; put the (included) plastic ribs in his mouth and he’ll bite down with a great big chomp. The Indominus Rex’s eyes glow red too, for extra menace.

3. Dino Patroller Vehicle

Kids who love both dinosaurs and Paw Patrol can help their favorite canine first responders save the day with this tough truck, which has all-terrain wheels and enough room in its spacious cargo hold for all six Paw Patrol friends or for the giant included T-Rex. Push the button and the rescue vehicle climbs determinedly over sand, rocks, or other difficult terrains. If kids spot a dino in trouble, they can hit the net launcher and make sure the creatures safely in the vehicle for rehab.

How to choose a dinosaur toy?

When it comes to choosing the best dinosaur toys you have lots of choices. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming though. Here we’ll take a look at some of the important factors you’ll want to consider before snatching up those dinosaur figures.

  • Educational: A captivating and perennial favorite, children love to learn about and explore dinosaurs. Don’t miss this opportunity for early developmental growth, and consider dinosaur sets that are more than just fun.
  • Fun: On the flip side, fun is also important of course! If your toy isn’t engaging, it’s less likely your child will invest the time in playing — and learning.
  • Realistic: If you have young children, you may want to stay away from realistic dinosaur figures. Toddlers and babies are usually drawn to cute figures or stuffed animals — they may be afraid of something too lifelike. For older children, on the other hand, realistic dinosaur figures can add to the drama and encourage creative play.
  • Open-ended play: Dinosaur figures and playsets are perfect for open-ended play. This type of play has no finite conclusion or rules and encourages creativity and imagination (1). Providing your child with open-ended toy options can lead to great leaps in skill development, including language and social progress.

Whatever kind of Dinosaur Construction Toy you choose, you need to make sure it’s safe for children to use. All materials should be safety-tested and any paints or finishes should be approved for use in children’s toys